Swim Meets
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July 22 2016

Jul 22, 2016 - Jul 24, 2016

The meet info is listed below for the 2016 Summer Champs Meet in Twin Falls, ID. We have also listed information on two local hotels that are supporting the host team. Please use these hotels.
July 30 2016

Jul 30, 2016

The Lava Hot Springs Foundation and Lava HEAT Aquatics will host a one day swim meet. The meet info anf events file is posted below.
August 2 2016

Aug 2, 2016 - Aug 6, 2016

Hello Coaches I put this application for the Sr. Zone All-Star Team together based on the AG Zone application. I think it will ensure that everyone gets into the events they want. I also attached a r...
August 10 2016

Aug 10, 2016 - Aug 13, 2016

Click on the tab on the front page or go to The Meet information flier is linked to below. If you think you have a shot at going please read the parts about missing events and ...