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Elections for the Junior Athlete Representative will be held at the upcoming Spring Fling in Boise on May 13th, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. in the West YMCA Hospitality Room, Boise, Idaho. Due to the SRS By Law Rules, "Two athletes from the same team cannot hold both the Junior and Senior Athlete Representative positions at the same time," Voltage Aquatics is not eligible to have a club representative run for the position. To qualify, athletes must be in good standing with the LSC and must be either 16 years of age or a sophomore in high school. If you have any athletes who are interested in running for the position, please have them email a short bio, an answer to “Why would you like to be the SRS Athlete representative?” with an individual picture in .jpg file, team name, and grade to before April 30, 2016. Any additional questions can also be sent to




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2015-2016 Scholastic All-American

2015-2016 Criteria and Application Process

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Picking A College!
As a general rule every prospective college student should go thru the following steps.

1. Do I want to swim in college?
2. Do I want to go to a school where I am a number or a school where every teacher knows me? (Big school or small or in the middle)
3. Do I like snow, sand, heat, cold, mountains? (In what part of the world do I want to spend the next four to six years of my life?"
4. What do I want to be when I graduate? (If you don't know for sure, pick a school that does a good job teaching your passion)
5. Do I want to be the star of the team, just one of the gang, a bench sitter? (I know a guy who was on the team at the University of Texas. He did not swim in a meet until his Senior year because he was to slow. But he did all the team stuff and attended all of the practices. He is proud to say that he was a Longhorn Swimmer.)

Now you know the area of the country, the size of the school, the area of study, and how good the team should be. Hit Google and run amok!


The NCAA Eligibility Center


Eligibility Resource  - what classes should you be taking in High School so you will be eligible as a college freshman.

Recruiting Timeline

Questions to ask of College Coaches and others at the college you are looking at.

How to Find a Scholarship

Recruiting Chart Example

Recruiting Chart Worksheet